February 2010

Kia ora koutou, a big welcome to all students and families to your first year at Chisnallwood Intermediate School. My name is Jude de Rouw (Ms de Rouw). This is my 13th year at Chisnallwood Intermediate. The first seven years I taught full time, then left to have my 2 children and worked in a part-time capacity and this is my second year back in the classroom full-time. I enjoy the busy environment and the many activities students can become involved in here at Chisnallwood. Chisnallwood has a house system. Our house is FIRE and our colour is red.

The First Few Weeks
The start of any new year brings about changes, but it is even more daunting for you when you are also beginning a new school. There are many new routines to learn at Chisnallwood and I will attempt to make this process as easy as possible for the class.
If there are any concerns that you may have, I certainly hope that you would discuss it with me so I am able to assist. Parents feel free to contact the office and leave a message and I will get in contact with you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can email me at:


Physical Education
P.E. gear will be needed on a daily basis for P.E, Fitness and Sports. Each student must wear a Chisnallwood t-shirt, black shorts, sports socks and shoes. If for any reason you are unable to take part in P.E sessions, could you please provide a doctors certificate or a dated, signed letter from a parent/caregiver.
I encourage students to get a hat (uniform colours-green, black or red). It can be a cap, a bucket hat or a wide brim floppy hat. (It must be plain—no logos).
Also, deodorant is a good idea after a P.E session. Thank you for your understanding.

Homework will be issued on Thursday and collected in on the following Thursday. This allows students the weekend if they so desire and an extra weeknight. Homework will mainly be a reading section, spelling words and basic facts. This is an important element of school. It helps to develop independent study skills.
Being a busy parent myself, I understand the pressures homework can have on family life so I have tried to make it as non threatening as possible and if for any reason homework is unable to be completed please ensure a dated and signed note is sent to school.

If for any reason your child will be absent from school, a parent or caregiver needs to ring the school in the morning.

Spelling will be a homework task. There will be 3-4 ability based groups. Each group receives between 10-15 words per week. Each student will take his or her spelling words home to be discussed and learnt. Students are expected to have these learnt for Thursday, testing day!

Wider School
I encourage all students to get involved in as much as they can within the school. There is a myriad of musical instruments to learn and loads of groups to join. For example; performance choir, jazz singing, drama club, Pacifica Group, and a huge range of sports. The daily notices and weekly notices (sent home on a Thursday) contain information about activities within the school.

I wish every student a very successful year.

Thank you
Jude de Rouw
Classroom teacher